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Telehealth and the New Physics

We live in a day and age where technology allows us to easily connect from far and wide. This has now proliferated within healthcare- as many patients are now looking for more freedom to choose who they want to work with and when. Technology has allowed patients to no longer be confined to distance of a practitioner or to taking time off their busy lives to in order to see a healthcare provider who can aid them in their healing journey.

For years we have worked with patients from all over the world virtually with great success. This has allowed us to connect with patients who otherwise would not be able to come to see us due to travel expenses or the fact that their condition makes it difficult to travel.

With this experience we have created elegant solutions to allow all our patients- whether in person or virtually to have the same experience.

The process begins the same virtually as it does in office with gathering an extensive medical history to begin to understand your story. In addition, we utilize advanced lab work and imaging studies to capture the full extent of the context of you the patient. This in-depth investigation into your health and wellbeing allows us to begin to build out a protocol for you to improve your health and your life.

Our process goes above and beyond due to an advanced understanding of quantum physics which allows us in office to test our virtual patients from a distance. We do so by creating a quantum connection between you, the patient from wherever you are in the world and a highly-skilled member of the office staff. In physics it has been found that “…if two particles are entangled, meaning their quantum states are strongly correlated and become unified, then measurements of one of the particles automatically influence the other, no matter how far away the particles are from each other”[i] This is what we mean by quantum connection or entanglement- which was understood by Einstein & Rosen in the 1930s and has subsequently been elucidated even further.

We create this connection by capturing multiple sets of frequency information unique to you the patient- think of it as your energetic fingerprint. We then test your frequency information as if you were in the office utilizing Autonomic Response Testing to further understand the external stressors and internal milieu of your body above and beyond what even advanced laboratory testing can offer.

With the process we have had tremendous success serving patients from all over the world to overcome their chronic conditions and improve their health. If you are interested in booking a session or learning more about the process follow the links below.

If you would like to book a Virtual Initial Assessment.

To schedule a Discovery Call to discuss all our Assessment & Treatment options.

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