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Autonomic Response Testing

Autonomic Response Testing (ART) is a form of muscle testing or biofeedback, which measures stress responses in the body and the nervous system. 

ART is the only type of muscle testing that can measure the biophotonic field of a patient.


The bio-photon field surrounding the physical body is the central regulating agency of all metabolic processes.  Our cells create a bio-photon field around us, which, in turn, regulates our metabolic enzymes.  Any stress at the cellular level creates a disturbance in signals in the autonomic nervous system, which are measurable as distortions in the electromagnetic field around the body. 

We scan the body, testing all major organs for stress to determine which fields are disorganized. Simultaneously, the body reveals which areas are stressed, and which agents are beneficial in relieving the stress. In this rapid, non-invasive assessment the site and type of toxicity, pathogen, trauma, structural issue etc. becomes apparent and can remedied.

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