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Levels of Healing

To fully encapsulate the notion of health we need a better understanding of what health is, rather than what we are conditioned to believe as merely an absence of symptoms. This heralds in many questions but the first one that needs to be attended to is what component parts of us as humans go into our health. Allopathic medicine, in the process of seeking to understand the human system, has divided, and further subdivided the wholeness of what it means to be human into abstract parts and then tried to build it back out from the smallest material particles. While a materialistic view of how the human system functions is of value, solely relying on that view and denouncing the other aspects of being has done a disservice to many patients and to society. To appreciate what health truly means it is important to have a framework that can encompass all aspects of health.

In lieu of looking at the body as a random collection of materials and chemical processes it is more apt to look at the body as it truly is- A multidimensional energy system that consists of physical, energetic, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels.

These levels are in a constant exchange of information within us and with our environment. It is this that makes us human, and it is this lens we must look through to appreciate health.

This may be a new way of thinking for some, but I believe it is pivotal to begin to appreciate this on a deep level as true healing requires simultaneous work on all levels of our energy-matter continuum. For us to optimize our biological function we need to create harmony on all levels of our system and in the energy exchange with our environment.

It is important to note that the levels are not truly separate- they act as an energy matter continuum in constant oscillation. One cannot be fully balanced on one level and not on another. It is a continuous flow of energy within us just as there is a continuous flow between the individual and the environment around us.

In modern times, we have been conditioned to view all our ailments as merely “physical” in nature. This combined with several factors of disease going unacknowledged (to be covered in a later post) by many health practitioners has led to much undue suffering and unrealized potential in many individuals.

Even in holistic healthcare circles the higher-level aspects of health are often given little credence or completely disregarded for the newest supplement, diet or other intervention that has a primary effect on the physical level. While there is still tremendous value in this approach as it acts as the starting point for most people it does little to acknowledge the wholeness of the human system.

I owe a great deal of this thinking to my work and study with Dr. Klinghardt, Dr. Williams, Dr. Karim, and Dr. Vithoulkas. I appreciate these men and women immensely not only as healers but for their persistently inquisitive minds and drive for a continued deeper understanding.

For all of existence mankind has sought to quantify and qualify these levels and it is only in recent time many have tried to remove these higher order levels due in part to technologies created with misguided understandings that are unable to yet quantify higher order processes. From an alchemical perspective these levels have been understood as Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether, Awareness and God. In recent history within modern science they are understood as Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Ultra Plasma, Vacuum and Super Vacuum.

For the sake of seeking a common language we will designate the levels as Physical, Energetic, Emotional, Mental, Etheric, Spiritual and God.

I want to outline the seven basic levels herein while acknowledging that within each level/plane there are sublevels/subplanes all with specific characteristics that will be covered in future articles.

The Physical Level

The physical body in many ways acts as the foundation for all the other levels. It is the level of matter. This is the level that receives the lion’s share of attention in health as it is the physical body and our senses that shape our perceived reality and as such a perception of ill-health resides on this level for most.

On the physical level we are dealing with structural anatomy, internal ecology, and biochemistry. Within the broad knowledge of biochemistry, we primarily want to focus on the inorganic and organic elements required for life and optimal health. It is important to note that the make-up of our internal ecology and the products of the biochemical processes within the body are the building blocks for and downstream effects of the higher levels.

Interventions at this level in our practice include structural therapies, functional exercise, herbal medicine, cellular nutrition, and diet therapies.

The Energetic Level

The energetic level is the level of electromagnetism and light. At this level light is channeled through our bodies via our Nervous System, our Meridian system, Chakra system, and intra-organ energy systems to create the energetic phenomena that guide our processes on the physical level.

Everything begins with light emissions from each cell called biophotons. Collectively, these biophotons communicate with one another and create a field around the body that regulate metabolic processes inside the cells, neurotransmitter release, detoxification processes and modulate neural transmission. This light is highly structured (coherent light) and communicates within us and with our environment. The coherence of our biophotons and biofield is reliant on an abundance of exclusion zone water.

The neuronal activity of our nervous system initiated by light creates all the electrical and magnetic events within our body. Electrical fields are formed along the longitudinal nerve current in our somatic and autonomic nerves. The magnetic fields travel perpendicular to the nerve current and extend into space beyond our skin.

Anything that disrupts our light field (artificial light, electropollution and geopathic stress primarily) will lead the physical tissue involved to become dysfunctional or ill.

Interventions on this level in our office involve photobiomodulation, laser acupuncture, frequency specific microcurrent, low potency homeopathics and environmental energy remediation techniques.

The Emotional Level

The emotional level facilitates the physical manifestation of thought that is created on the mental level. The transformation of thought via emotions initiates neurotransmitters on the energetic level which then effects the brain biochemistry on the physical level. This manifestation of motion can become trapped on this level and/or negative emotions can propagate physical illness from this level due to a patients acquired trauma patterns or on a societal level seen as Collective Miasms.

To facilitate the free flow of information from higher levels, in our office we look for emotional blocks- either in the individual, family unit or collective and work to release them.

The Mental Level

The mental level consists of beliefs, attitudes, and thoughts. Thought is an electrical event that initiates a resonance through polarization into the lower levels. Every individual has a mental field but there is also a consensus field/ consensus reality that forms within a given society. At this level all information from a patient’s life is stored from conception up until the now.

Our focus is bringing awareness to our thought patterns and consciously changing the illness creating automatic negative thoughts.

In our office we utilize Mental Field Therapy and high potency Homeopathics to influence the Mental level.

The Etheric Level

The Etheric level is the level of the universal collective experience- our connection to everything that lives independent of time and space. This is the interface between the collective and the individual. The main goal on this level is to become conscious of the connectivity and its influence on our wellbeing and to heal the broken connections.

In our office we utilize family constellation work, color and sound therapy and various forms of meditative practices to aid the patient at this level.

The Spiritual and God Levels

These are the level of self-healing. The only important relationship that exists on these levels is between the patient and God.

At these levels we encourage meditation and prayer on the patient’s part and to focus on the bi-directional flow of love and seek guidance between them and the higher world.


It is important to note that between the levels there are descending and ascending influences. Healing impulses created with a practitioner on a higher level can penetrate downwards but not upwards. A healing intervention must then be on the level where the illness was created or on one of the levels above it.

In any condition, each level can have blockages which prevent healing impulses from the higher levels to reach the physical body. As such, during treatment often it is pertinent to supply the body with foundational pieces so that the higher-level work can be accomplished successfully

It is important to note that while the physical body makes visible what happens on higher levels you can have problems in the higher levels which have not penetrated down to the lower levels. For instance, a disturbance in a meridian (an energetic level diagnosis) will show up before any physical symptoms.

As stated earlier in this article the levels of health are in constant interaction within us and with our environment. Environmental contamination, whether it be from electropollution, environmental toxin exposure, atmospheric aerosols, etc. affect our mental, emotional, and energetic and physical levels whether we can perceive the effects via the physical level or not.

An understanding of the multidimensional reality of our existence and therefore are health is imperative to navigate complex health situations and get to the true cause of an illness. In our practice this allows us to diagnose at what level a patients issue are arisen and subsequently how and when to use varying healing modalities and techniques.

This understanding of health requires ownership on the part of the patient for it is not merely a new diet or supplement to remedy a physical level problem. This requires conscience effort on the part of the patient to engage in all levels of healing and be willing to explore outside of the misguided paradigm medicine currently finds itself within.

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