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Influences on Health

As we begin to understand that health is multidimensional (see previous post) we can start to discuss the various influences that affect health on these corresponding levels.

Again, nothing occurs in isolation so if there is an issue on one level, in the bodies effort to heal other factors can arise on that level or other levels. We must consider as well that multiple factors can contribute to ill health.

Many of my patients come in with multiple diagnoses and multiple solutions yet are no better than when they started their healing journey. This is in part because the diagnostic label(s) merely signify a constellation of symptoms rather than the true cause of the problem. Secondly, many issues that impede healing are never addressed.

Rather than seek a constellation of symptoms to fit into an established diagnostic criterion, it is important to ascertain on what level someone’s ill health develops from and if there are any blockages on lower levels that prevent healing and what those factors are. By looking at all factors involved in the external and internal ecology of the patient we can form a healing plan that gets to the foundational issues for the patient.

On the physical level we are dealing with structural imbalances, biochemical deficiencies, toxins and the microbial environment.

Structural Imbalances

The first factor we have examine is any potential structural imbalance. A structural imbalance can include poor occlusion, spinal misalignment, fascial adhesions, visceral adhesions, faulty respiratory patterns, and poorly healed injuries. These structural influences can impede the flow of blood and lymph, decrease neuronal transmission, and alter oxygenation all of which can impede healing.

Biochemical Deficiencies

The next factor we need to examine is any biochemical deficiencies present. These include cell salt deficiencies, mineral and nutrient deficiencies. A deficiency in any of these creates a lack of fundamental building blocks that hinders the efficient mechanisms of the body to work appropriately. From there we can ascertain if there is a need for certain enzymes or co-factors, vitamins, or hormones.


Toxins are a factor that many are away of as they are an ever-increasing challenge within our daily lives. It is important to remember that if toxins are identified we also need to ensure there are no other factors- for instance a structural imbalance or biochemical deficiency- that would impair a potential detoxification program. The crucial toxins we deal with in our practice are man-made chemicals (primarily glyphosate), heavy metals (predominantly aluminum, lead, mercury) and atmospheric aerosols.

Microbial Environment

In addition, we must look closely at the internal microbial environment within the body. Our internal ecology is imperative to our health and understanding the lifecycle of all microorganisms and the roles they play allows us to foster a symbiotic connection. When there is imbalance, certain microbial elements produce endo and exotoxins within the body that can have deleterious effects on our health. The goal is not elimination of these microbes but rather a reharmonizing and an understanding of the other factors involved to ascertain why they are prevalent in certain forms to begin with.

On the energetic level we are considering electromagnetic stress, allergies and internal energetic disturbances on or within the body.

Electromagnetic Stress

The most ubiquitous factor of ill health in our time lies outside of the range of our perception and therefore goes unnoticed by most. The exponential growth in chronic diseases and shortening of our health span has directly coincided with the proliferation of electromagnetic devices that use increasingly penetrating frequencies. The most important sources to attenuate are from cell phones, laptops, smart meters and wifi routers as they are the closest in proximity to us in our daily lives. We also must consider other sources of EMR within the home and outside of the home including ground current and geopathic stress. EMR has extremely harmful effects on its own but there is also a potent synergy between electromagnetic radiation (EMR), toxicity and resultant pathogens that needs to be considered when looking holistically at all the factors. It is important to stress that EMF has a multidimensional effect on all levels of our system and not just the physical as often patients experience altered thought and emotional patterns and a discordance within their energetic system.


When looking at allergies as a factor in health it is important to recognize that they can stem from foods and environmental exposures, but all be from emotionally charged situations/ people. Allergies begin as an energetic phenomenon altering the configuration of the structured water within/ around our cells, altering brain wave activity and the function of the autonomic nervous system. Subsequent to that we experience allergies on the physical level due to cytokine and mast cell activation which triggers adrenal hormone secretion. When we can desensitize the energetic level to the allergy phenomena the symptoms that present on the physical level cease.

Energetic Disturbance Within the Body

Just as we can have disturbances on the energetic level outside of our body, we can have energetic disturbances within the body that often go unnoticed and impair the health of patients. The most common energetic disturbance within the body is from scars and scar tissue which affect not only the physical myofascial structures within the body but the light conductivity of the microtubules, nerves, and meridians. There can also be dysfunction within the intra-organ meridian systems, autonomic and spinal ganglia, spinal membranes, and fascial planes. We also must consider any metal within or on the body, such as metal implants in the mouth (especially when there is more than one type of metal used) or in joints, jewelry, watches, piercings and tattoos as potential causes of energetic disturbance.

Unresolved emotional and mental trauma

Unresolved emotional/ mental trauma from our own experience or those close to us can create a decoherence or blockages in our energy fields. A decoherence in our energy fields provides opportunity for other energy structures to fill the void created by the trauma. A blockage prevents the optimal flow of information down to the energetic and physical levels inhibiting health. Resolving these traumas can be an integral part in someone’s clinical history as often when the trauma is resolved we bring coherence to the patient’s energetic structures and there is no longer a higher-level imperative to maintain other energy structures that are not our own.

On the higher spiritual and God levels we can be dealing with limiting spiritual beliefs or guiding influences from source.

Limited Spiritual Understanding

Limited spiritual understandings can create downstream mental constructs that are deleterious to our health and wellbeing. In addition if we do not allow ourselves to fully actualize our spirituality, we deny ourselves the ability to heal and grow at the highest levels of our being.

Guiding or correcting influences from source that may be perceived as illness

At times in our lives, we are given certain lessons or reminders from the Divine. This can often be perceived as “illness” but rather it can be a message from the higher levels. Acute awareness of our spiritual selves is key to discern what is a message and what can be attributed to another factor.

Understanding the levels of healing and acknowledging the influences on our health are imperative to our well being. Instead of looking at a collection of physical manifestations detected by our senses and categorizing them into a disease we can begin to recognize the influences on our health and the interplay between them and the levels of our being so that we can work toward optimal health.

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