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Chronic Illness

It is estimated that sixty percent of adults in the United States have a chronic illness. These conditions are often not healed and merely suppressed or outright ignored.

In our approach, in order to get to the root of various chronic illness' we assess the biological terrain of the individual and a multitude of contributing factors to understand on what level(s) the illness was precipitated on and what interventions are most warranted.

On the physical level this can include environmental toxins, pathogens, biochemical deficiencies.

On the energetic level this can include biophysical stress (ie. electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress), food and environmental allergies and energetic disturbances within the body (ie. scars, metal implants, and charge impediment within the spine and fascia).

On the higher levels chronic illness can manifest due to unresolved emotional/ mental trauma or a spiritual conflict.

By assessing all levels of illness and utilizing the appropriate treatment lasting healing from chronic conditions can occur.

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